Friday, 19 May 2017

Word of Mouth Marketing

Before the advent of internet and social media; when we liked a particular product, movie, place or any entity we speak about it, we recommend it to our peers. This process has evolved in the digital age and now it is being widely employed as a marketing tool. In marketing WOM or word of mouth communication is the transmission of information from a non-commercial communicator to a receiver regarding a brand, product or service. The participants and nature of this conversation are non-commercial and they are not rewarded for spreading the information. When word of mouth is mediated and executed through electronic means; it becomes electronic word of mouth. The process in which the sender of word-of- mouth communication is rewarded is referred to as word-of- mouth marketing. WOM is now a powerful way to influence business results; the success of word of mouth depends on the contemporary efforts to create experiences worthy of being passed from person-to-person.

Why should Marketers focus on WOM

WOM has been identified as the most valuable form of marketing as it helps to garner trust and to sound genuine to the consumers. Trust is assured to drive sales for your company and cement brand loyalty. An efficient marketing person will not sit back and hope that conversations will commence organically about his brand on social media; he will initiative conversations and unleash the power of word of mouth in social media to win the marketing race. According to online surveys, consumers trust recommendations from family and friends than they trust other forms of marketing. The marketers should focus more on unconventional marketing methods than the traditional ones to make more impact. They should channel their efforts for ‘connecting’ rather than ‘collecting’.

The Three E’s of WOM

Engage—Engage with your audience and give them the gift of you. Engage in conversations about your brand and listen to what the people are communicating to you. Give prompt responses to people’s queries and doubts and be a presence in your fans’ lives.

Equip—Give people reasons to talk about your brand. It can about the amazing products or services, great customer service, social elevation, incredible experiences and stories, unbelievable facts or even funny announcement. The good image of your company depends on your understanding of consumers and what they like about you and providing whatever it is they need from you. Another area to excel in is social customer service.

Empower— Let them know that they are important to you and that sharing their opinion is important to you. Provide consumers different means to talk and share. Help them find ways to share within their circles and find ways to help move their conversations around.

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