Monday 4 February 2019

4 Tools for Content Writing

Have you ever written a blog or web article? Then you know the efforts of content writers behind
planning, researching, writing the content. It is vital to creating content that provides precise
information, attracts customers, converts a potential customers into regular customers and increases the
search engine ranks. Do you know how the writers can produce well-refined content without
overwhelming by all information?


Have a look at these five latest tools for writing services which make your contents elegant!

1. Attention commanding languages
People are not patient enough to read your whole article thoroughly and won't stay for more than one minute. Hence it is necessary to focus on the easy-to-read content with precise information. Hemingway Editor is a famous app used predominantly for understanding the most complicated sentences and confusing terms by highlighting with color-coded marks.

2. Creating authentic contents
Always remember not to copy others' content. Duplicating the content will be subjected to plagiarize
which will affect your company's reputation and authenticity. Siteliner is an ideal tool that can scan your content to check the duplication.

3. Be fresh in your ideas with Hub spot's Blog Topic Generator
If you are in a dilemma with finding a topic for your regular posts, Hubspot's Blog Topic Generator is there to save you. The app helps you to enter three keywords that bring you a long list of possible topics from which you can easily select and move on.

4. Build your content with some good grammar
Grammarly is one of the best spell checker and grammar checker used widely around the world. The
high modifying ability of Grammarly helps you to check your content thoroughly and make them easy-to-read.

5. Insert the best keywords
Keywords are the prominent feature of web content writing. The search engine will classify your website for SEO when your content includes more relevant keywords. Keyword Planner is an ideal tool that helps to fulfill the range of keyword research requirements.

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