Monday 12 February 2018

What is the Scope of Content Writing in India?

The increase in the internet and social media usage has made the future of the content writing brighter. It is now safe to say that content writing is going to be the future of marketing. The paradigm shift from print medium to the internet is the key factor that resulted in the rise of the scope of content writing. India is predicted to the hot spot of content writing in the future and here is why

Scope of Content Writing in India

In India, the number of businesses signing content writing agencies to manage their content is increasing; the reason behind this is the fact that content writers produce 7.8 times more traffic than others. Worthy content leads to higher appointment rates and increases brand recollection. Content marketing budgets 62% less than traditional marketing but the result it fetches is massive. Indian companies that invest in content marketing have six times greater conversion rate. Over 73% of organizations employ content strategist to cope with their content. These statistics prove that content is in great demand in India and the opportunity for a content writer is remarkable.

1. Increase in social media users

India is continuously recording humongous increase in the number of internets and social media users every year. It is estimated that India will have 258 million social media users by the year 2019. According to recent surveys, young and educated Indians seek internet to satisfy their entertainment and educational needs rather than traditional media such as TV or print medium. All these factoids sum up the immense scope of content writing in India.

2. Cheap internet

The recent cheap internet revolution in India has made the medium even more popular than it used to be. The increasing competition among telecom companies has made regular internet access possible for the laymen of the country. The cheap internet introduced internet even to the remotest parts of the country.

3. Flexibility

The feature of flexibility makes content writing more popular in India. Unlike the other jobs, content writing does not require an office or high-end equipment. A person can pursue content writing from his room with nothing more than a laptop and internet connection. In India, where there is a large population of home-bound women who are looking for an opportunity to work from home, content writing can be an easy employment option.

4. Technological elements

Today, people prefer visual contents over typescript. Content embedded in the visual format easily convey the messages and this advantage writes a different story in content writing in India. 
Statistics show that YouTube has 3 billion searches in a month; this reveals the technological influence content writing has.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) exerts influence in content writing as well. The technology of pre-set software like Spinner chief enables writing whole articles within minutes. Some content writers are using such software to back their writing, research and SEO labors.

Monday 5 February 2018

Steps for creating an effective content marketing strategy

In content marketing, all you need is perfection.The goals of content marketing can be listed as increasing customer base and brand awareness. The content should be capable of drawing the attention of the people and should have the capacity to convert prospects into your customers. This form of marketing strategy forms customer trust and have a rapport with them. Having a concrete content marketing strategy will enhance your business. Once you understand the customer’s need, then it will be easy to create a marketing strategy for the business. Here are some steps for creating an effective marketing strategy: 

1.      Know your customer

To know about the customer is perhaps the hardest part, but the whole strategy revolves around it.Increasing marketing personas can be in-depth,but there are a few speedy ways to begin studying your target audience. Study competitor case studies, read industry analysis reports, go to meetings and professional online networks, exploit Facebook audience insights, conduct surveys, and interviews, and do good outreach using email and social media.

2.      Identify where the customer goes online

Find out accurately where the customer goes online, and don’t try to chase them.Remember, besting at one or two networks is much better than being in a circle of channels. Set your objective to know the customer’s online interests. Again, chat with customers, conduct interviews or appoint, read business reports, and visit business forums to get a better idea of where your customers like to go online.

3.      Type of content they want

 If you are sure that your audience is mostly on LinkedIn, then they might like detailed articles, white papers or slide shows. If they prefer Facebook, then video and list posts might be the way to attract them. If they spend a good amount of time on a certain medium, long-form storytelling might be the apt one. The core aim here is to decide which type of content the customer is and isn't attracted in so that you don’t waste your time generating the wrong style of content. A better method to research this is to talk to industry leaders, talk to present customers, conduct surveys, do decent outreach via email and LinkedIn, or go to a business forum and start a conversation with people.

So, by putting all these steps into practice, you will be able to form an efficient and resourceful content marketing strategy. The business will thrive by simply changing the strategy of marketing, here the content.

Sunday 4 February 2018

Does content quality influence brand perception?

People depend on the internet for content consumption because the choices provided by the internet are vast.Unlike print medium, the internet has no deadline and it keeps updating in every second. Hence nowadays, consuming content is at the fingertips of the customer. As a content marketer, you should have an idea about the reader and this will enable you o generate good content which emphasizes the brand. So,your concentration should be in the content itself. You must ask this question yourself while writing: does this sentence capture the brand value?

The internet has the capacity to disseminate the information rapidly and you cannot underestimate the power of its reach. In content marketing, you are addressing a massive audience through the internet by means of the content. The audiences have some expectation from your brand and while creating the content keep this fact in your mind.

For setting up a brand, the content quality plays huge roles in the following aspects:

Increase sales: Just like any other marketing strategy; content marketing boils down to attracting potential customers to business. Regular supply of quality content, irrespective of its size, will gently and gradually build a concrete brand image in the minds of people. Regular should not be confused for incessant; clogging the social media platform with a deluge of content can irritate the prospect.

SEO purposes: Good quality content helps to increase SEO ranking of your brand. People like to visit websites packed with blogs and other content than mere homepage and contact details. If the content is original, then no doubt the content will generate more traffic on the internet.

Credibility: The credibility of your content largely lies in the authenticity of the facts you present. Once you establish yourself as a credible source of information; people will visit your website or blog before checking any other source that serves the same information.

Customer attention: All content has a message and yours should be flexible enough to grab the attention of the customers and satisfy people belonging to multiple strata .So, try to attract them with the original content. If the content is stolen from anywhere, then the rating of the website will be low.

Occasion: The quality of the content may get ineffective when it posted the wrong timing. People will lose interest in reading outdated content. So, try to post your content on the perfect occasion.Experts have found that the blogs are more read by people during the weekends. Therefore, understand the routine and occupation of your customer to post your blog with better timing. 

Legitimate content which you post on the blog or social media promotes customers to connect with the brand. With this, higher conversion rates can be acquired. Quality content has partially undertaken the role of an advertisement to promote the brand; creating brand-oriented content is easier than making an ad.

5 Content Writing secrets of Professional writers

One of the major problems content writers confront is making sufficient content and concurrently without compromising the quality. In order to become a successful content writer, the tips and tricks from professionals will help you every time to generate a stable stream of quality content.The reasons for corporates to have a website could differ; it could be to disseminate information to the public or to interact with the customers. Irrespective of the intent behind the content; it should be clear and coherent.Here are some tips to help you become a successful content writer. 

1. Write in your individual style

Your content should be marked by your style of writing. It is like your signature which is unique. In content writing, the content must not be a copycat of others; therefore derive inspiration and develop your own style. Develop your individual voices in writing. For this first,you need to find out your favorite writer and observe his/her writing pattern. Gradually you will adapt a combined writing style of your own and the writing style you aspire. As a content writer, you will have to handle infinite styles of writing; numerous writing styles are being evolved and the existing writing styles are getting amended frequently. For this, you need to observe and employ different writing styles and should not limit yourself to obsolete styles.

2. Spend quality time on the title

It is the title which grabs the attention of readers rather than the content. If the title is not a catchy one, then it will fail to attract the readers.The heading will decide the fate of the content. Employing words like top #, how to, how, why the title will draw more traffic. A well-written content will be ignored if it has no link with the title. So, choose title carefully even for a small content.  

3. Write about one thing; focus on the core idea

Each portion of content should include only one point. Handling multiple points will ruin the entire content; emphasize one point. There will be a tendency to slip away from the topic and you must be alert about it. Read it once before the final draftingand make sure that the whole content is dealing withone idea or point.

4. Make the writing simple and cogent

Keep sentences and paragraphs short as possible because uncomplicated words are more readable. Your aim should be to give better readability, not to show your advanced skills. For this, professionals suggest maximum of 25 words in a sentence and 6 sentences in a paragraph. Simplicity should be your axiom.

5. Edit

The content gets refined during the editing session. The first draft will be the concoction of words and sentences right out of your head and it is during the editing session you will arrange the ideas into a form and give a rhythm to it. The editing also removes errors and ambiguity from the content and makes it more concise. Editing should not be limited to a single reviewing, read it several times to ensure that you have not overlooked any mistakes. No matter how much you like the sentences and words, if it is not making sense or not related to the topic, remove it.

These are some guidelines to induce professionalism in your writing. Familiarize with these tips and tricks and employ them in your writing to become a successful content writer.

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