Sunday 4 February 2018

Does content quality influence brand perception?

People depend on the internet for content consumption because the choices provided by the internet are vast.Unlike print medium, the internet has no deadline and it keeps updating in every second. Hence nowadays, consuming content is at the fingertips of the customer. As a content marketer, you should have an idea about the reader and this will enable you o generate good content which emphasizes the brand. So,your concentration should be in the content itself. You must ask this question yourself while writing: does this sentence capture the brand value?

The internet has the capacity to disseminate the information rapidly and you cannot underestimate the power of its reach. In content marketing, you are addressing a massive audience through the internet by means of the content. The audiences have some expectation from your brand and while creating the content keep this fact in your mind.

For setting up a brand, the content quality plays huge roles in the following aspects:

Increase sales: Just like any other marketing strategy; content marketing boils down to attracting potential customers to business. Regular supply of quality content, irrespective of its size, will gently and gradually build a concrete brand image in the minds of people. Regular should not be confused for incessant; clogging the social media platform with a deluge of content can irritate the prospect.

SEO purposes: Good quality content helps to increase SEO ranking of your brand. People like to visit websites packed with blogs and other content than mere homepage and contact details. If the content is original, then no doubt the content will generate more traffic on the internet.

Credibility: The credibility of your content largely lies in the authenticity of the facts you present. Once you establish yourself as a credible source of information; people will visit your website or blog before checking any other source that serves the same information.

Customer attention: All content has a message and yours should be flexible enough to grab the attention of the customers and satisfy people belonging to multiple strata .So, try to attract them with the original content. If the content is stolen from anywhere, then the rating of the website will be low.

Occasion: The quality of the content may get ineffective when it posted the wrong timing. People will lose interest in reading outdated content. So, try to post your content on the perfect occasion.Experts have found that the blogs are more read by people during the weekends. Therefore, understand the routine and occupation of your customer to post your blog with better timing. 

Legitimate content which you post on the blog or social media promotes customers to connect with the brand. With this, higher conversion rates can be acquired. Quality content has partially undertaken the role of an advertisement to promote the brand; creating brand-oriented content is easier than making an ad.

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