Monday 5 February 2018

Steps for creating an effective content marketing strategy

In content marketing, all you need is perfection.The goals of content marketing can be listed as increasing customer base and brand awareness. The content should be capable of drawing the attention of the people and should have the capacity to convert prospects into your customers. This form of marketing strategy forms customer trust and have a rapport with them. Having a concrete content marketing strategy will enhance your business. Once you understand the customer’s need, then it will be easy to create a marketing strategy for the business. Here are some steps for creating an effective marketing strategy: 

1.      Know your customer

To know about the customer is perhaps the hardest part, but the whole strategy revolves around it.Increasing marketing personas can be in-depth,but there are a few speedy ways to begin studying your target audience. Study competitor case studies, read industry analysis reports, go to meetings and professional online networks, exploit Facebook audience insights, conduct surveys, and interviews, and do good outreach using email and social media.

2.      Identify where the customer goes online

Find out accurately where the customer goes online, and don’t try to chase them.Remember, besting at one or two networks is much better than being in a circle of channels. Set your objective to know the customer’s online interests. Again, chat with customers, conduct interviews or appoint, read business reports, and visit business forums to get a better idea of where your customers like to go online.

3.      Type of content they want

 If you are sure that your audience is mostly on LinkedIn, then they might like detailed articles, white papers or slide shows. If they prefer Facebook, then video and list posts might be the way to attract them. If they spend a good amount of time on a certain medium, long-form storytelling might be the apt one. The core aim here is to decide which type of content the customer is and isn't attracted in so that you don’t waste your time generating the wrong style of content. A better method to research this is to talk to industry leaders, talk to present customers, conduct surveys, do decent outreach via email and LinkedIn, or go to a business forum and start a conversation with people.

So, by putting all these steps into practice, you will be able to form an efficient and resourceful content marketing strategy. The business will thrive by simply changing the strategy of marketing, here the content.

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