Wednesday 31 January 2018

Content Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

The difference between content marketing and social media marketing lies in the focuses and execution.  Even if they have a common objective of promoting a brand, content marketing and social media marketing are different in many other aspects.
Content marketing is the art of exploiting special sorts of content such as blogs, videos, website pages, etc. to catch the attention of website visitors and ultimately transform them into customers whereas, social media marketing is the practice of earning traffic and leads for the company using social media. Let us have a look at the basic differences between the two:
Although both social media marketing and content marketing can be used for a lot of purposes, social media marketing usually have a tendency to focus on two major objectives. First, it is used for creating product awareness and to facilitate discussion about the brand. Secondly, it is used for customer retention and can be used as a social platform for an open communication with clients, often around problems or inquiries that consumers have.
Content marketing facilitates demand creation. As excellent content brings results to a brand’s site, brands can build up an association with the prospects and care for the major customer conversion or product purchase.
2.Channel and a Tactic
Social media has revolutionized the marketing sector. The birth of social media made custom targeting of outlook customers easier for marketers. Social media thus provides a means of transportation to reach customers directly, rather than having to use a mediator. According to recent marketing surveys, social media has emerged as one of the most admired marketing channels for businesses. Social media marketing is the most feasible marketing strategy for learning and gathering insights for the business and to employ them to lure the customers. Social media marketing strategy works well when incorporated with other marketing plans.
3.Center Of Gravity
The center of gravity is an additional distinction between social media marketing and content marketing. In social media marketing, the center of gravity is surrounded by social media networks. Marketers are executing social media campaigns mainly through Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
On the other hand, the center of gravity for content marketing is the website of the business, though social networks play a major role in raising the hit of the content marketing it gets fame when the dealer shares links to this content across social networks.
4.Types of content
In social media marketing, content is created to fit the framework of the selected social network: small messages in the 140 characters limit for Twitter, Facebook, etc. Here, brands model the strategies to suit the person the social media user.
Conversely, in content marketing, the context of websites allows much longer types of content. Brands can publish blog posts, infographics,videos, and eBooks, just to name a few formats. Here, brands display their behavior after that of media publishers.

Challenges in content writing

Even the most proficient writers can sometimes confront writing challenges. Before you become a content writer, you have to prepare for the challenges in this industry. All the content writers have to face hard times during their work. The challenges may vary from person to person but there are some common problems you have to face as a content writer.  
Identifying the challenges before you choosing the career will help you to overcome them easily. These are the common roadblocks in your content writing:
1.Lack of Ideas
This happens to everybody that they are very sure they can write the article but they lack the idea about where to start. An absent-mind or stressed mind cannot produce quality ideas to write. Observing nature, reading something or listening to music can help you to generate ideas.
2.Lack of confidence
You must be confident enough to contribute your best to a company. No matter how skilled and experienced you are; if you are not confident, then what you write will become unsuccessful.   Develop a positive mind and try to learn more to write better.
3.Lack of rest
If you have to focus on your job, then you have to take enough rest, because then only your productivity can increase. The more you take rest, the more you can focus on your work and this will in turn produce good writing.  You will experience exhaustion mentally and physically after a prolonged work.  Give your body and mind adequate rest.
4.Being Isolated
If you are a self-employed writer, ensure that you are not disconnected with your friends. Find time to meet your friends or listen to music. Don’t seclude yourself from the outer world. You derive inspirations and ideas only when you communicate with people
5.Writer’s Block
If you are a writer, ‘writer’s block’ is bound to come your way. You will have the perfect idea but you will find it difficult to transcend the idea to words; sometimes you will it difficult to propel the idea. The only way to hurdle the writer’s block is to take a small break from the writing and to relax your mind. Keeping your mind unoccupied for a while will refresh your mind.

These are some of the challenges a writer experience. Every field has its own challenges but, overcoming these problems shows the professionalism in you. Don’t hesitate to be a content writer because of the reasons mentioned above instead, try to triumph over the challenges you face. By doing so, you can be a promising writer for your company or you can provide quality work if you are self-employed.  There is no need doubt yourself.

Monday 29 January 2018

How to use blogs for customer engagement

Blogs are the material to build customer engagement in your business.In today’s business scenario, blogging has an essential role in customer conversion. You may feel that people are just glancing through the blogs, but blogs have a huge role in converting people into the customers. Do not consider blogging as merely a way to fill your business website; it is rather a free advertisement to lure customers to your website and therein to your business.
The blog you write should fall into the category that the customers would want to read. When you write the blog, it should be about what the customer is looking for. Apart from this, the blog can create customer engagement from these aspects:
1.Company announcements: Adding company news and announcements to the blog can create transparent communication with the clients. If there is big news to announce, it is better to publicize it through a blog than through social media.
2.Caption: In the competitive field, you must write your blog with a catchy heading to drive the customers to the blog.  Once they are attracted to your blog, then they will be the regular customer of your business service. Hence, you can build a strong customer base for the business through the blog.
3.Reply to comments: If customers leave a comment on the blog, respond in a refined conduct. From their comments, you can understand their opinions and complaints about the business.  Keep a standard level in your comments and always stay elegant. You can do the market research through the comments of the customers.
4.Include images: Adding images, videos and infographics to your blog make your content more rich and interactive. The visualization can bring interest in the customer and then it will be easy to attract them to your blog. The customers will spend time on the content of the images or videos than words.
5.Frequency: Write a short but understandable blog with a perfect time gap. Keep your blog in short words ranging an average between 400 -800.Set a day for posting the blog and update your blog regularly. A frequently maintained blog can grab new customers easily and also can retain the existing one.

Every blog differs from each other according to the industry and customers it caters. Implement an exclusive blogging strategy in your business to achieve the better customer attention with quality content.

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