Monday, 29 January 2018

How to use blogs for customer engagement

Blogs are the material to build customer engagement in your business.In today’s business scenario, blogging has an essential role in customer conversion. You may feel that people are just glancing through the blogs, but blogs have a huge role in converting people into the customers. Do not consider blogging as merely a way to fill your business website; it is rather a free advertisement to lure customers to your website and therein to your business.
The blog you write should fall into the category that the customers would want to read. When you write the blog, it should be about what the customer is looking for. Apart from this, the blog can create customer engagement from these aspects:
1.Company announcements: Adding company news and announcements to the blog can create transparent communication with the clients. If there is big news to announce, it is better to publicize it through a blog than through social media.
2.Caption: In the competitive field, you must write your blog with a catchy heading to drive the customers to the blog.  Once they are attracted to your blog, then they will be the regular customer of your business service. Hence, you can build a strong customer base for the business through the blog.
3.Reply to comments: If customers leave a comment on the blog, respond in a refined conduct. From their comments, you can understand their opinions and complaints about the business.  Keep a standard level in your comments and always stay elegant. You can do the market research through the comments of the customers.
4.Include images: Adding images, videos and infographics to your blog make your content more rich and interactive. The visualization can bring interest in the customer and then it will be easy to attract them to your blog. The customers will spend time on the content of the images or videos than words.
5.Frequency: Write a short but understandable blog with a perfect time gap. Keep your blog in short words ranging an average between 400 -800.Set a day for posting the blog and update your blog regularly. A frequently maintained blog can grab new customers easily and also can retain the existing one.

Every blog differs from each other according to the industry and customers it caters. Implement an exclusive blogging strategy in your business to achieve the better customer attention with quality content.

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