Monday 12 February 2018

What is the Scope of Content Writing in India?

The increase in the internet and social media usage has made the future of the content writing brighter. It is now safe to say that content writing is going to be the future of marketing. The paradigm shift from print medium to the internet is the key factor that resulted in the rise of the scope of content writing. India is predicted to the hot spot of content writing in the future and here is why

Scope of Content Writing in India

In India, the number of businesses signing content writing agencies to manage their content is increasing; the reason behind this is the fact that content writers produce 7.8 times more traffic than others. Worthy content leads to higher appointment rates and increases brand recollection. Content marketing budgets 62% less than traditional marketing but the result it fetches is massive. Indian companies that invest in content marketing have six times greater conversion rate. Over 73% of organizations employ content strategist to cope with their content. These statistics prove that content is in great demand in India and the opportunity for a content writer is remarkable.

1. Increase in social media users

India is continuously recording humongous increase in the number of internets and social media users every year. It is estimated that India will have 258 million social media users by the year 2019. According to recent surveys, young and educated Indians seek internet to satisfy their entertainment and educational needs rather than traditional media such as TV or print medium. All these factoids sum up the immense scope of content writing in India.

2. Cheap internet

The recent cheap internet revolution in India has made the medium even more popular than it used to be. The increasing competition among telecom companies has made regular internet access possible for the laymen of the country. The cheap internet introduced internet even to the remotest parts of the country.

3. Flexibility

The feature of flexibility makes content writing more popular in India. Unlike the other jobs, content writing does not require an office or high-end equipment. A person can pursue content writing from his room with nothing more than a laptop and internet connection. In India, where there is a large population of home-bound women who are looking for an opportunity to work from home, content writing can be an easy employment option.

4. Technological elements

Today, people prefer visual contents over typescript. Content embedded in the visual format easily convey the messages and this advantage writes a different story in content writing in India. 
Statistics show that YouTube has 3 billion searches in a month; this reveals the technological influence content writing has.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) exerts influence in content writing as well. The technology of pre-set software like Spinner chief enables writing whole articles within minutes. Some content writers are using such software to back their writing, research and SEO labors.

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