Friday 21 April 2017

Facebook for Content Marketing

No content marketing strategy can be fruitful if it overlooks the potential of social media. Here are some prevailing Facebook trends according to which content strategies can be adapted for better results.

Facebook has emerged to be the hub of digital marketing and is the apex of content marketing activities as the site is populated by over a billion people across the world. Content can be disseminated from business’ Facebook page to the customers directly. Crisp catchy content can be used to garner likes, shares and followers on Facebook.

Facebook have now evolved to become an emergent platform for customer service. In a recent survey the social media was voted as the top choice for customer queries and services by consumers. Social care is a new concept, where companies provide 24 hour multi-channel support. Present scenario, customer service expectations are rising day by day and consumers expect the brands to uninterrupted and flawless service that extends from the showroom floor to the Facebook timeline.

Internet is getting piled with more and more information every minute. Sometimes SEO writing and content promotion is not just enough acquire the desired traffic. Social Media and advertising platforms allow you to lead the traffic, grow the customer base and promote your content. The pay is mainly decided considering the number of audience which you want to address.  According to Social Media Examiner, Facebook is the most sought after content promotion platform.

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