Thursday, 20 April 2017

Why content marketing is important for today’s business?

The emergence of internet and social media has transformed the way businesses interact with their customers. Brands now have to become closer and more communicative with their customers, broadcasting advertising messages is no longer enough if you intend to prolong their loyalty and trust towards the brand. Content marketing at its right trend is thus very important for today’s businesses to flourish in the competitive markets.

It fosters loyalty among customers

Giving read worthy, relevant information out can build a tightly-connected community of customers who are loyal to your brand which they have chosen to follow. Give your customer content with value so that they follow you and they have a reason to invest time in your brand. If you publish content at regular intervals, followers effectively update their information about your brand.

It makes your brand an authority

Delivering quality content regularly makes your brand an authority on your subject. Frame your content in a way that makes your brand a subject expert and authority in your area of business. It will help your business build loyalty and trust which reciprocates as business profit.

Know your customers                                         

When content is delivered through social media, it prompts feedback and ensures customer engagement. It allows you to gauge your customers’ attitude and their buying habits. Good content can inspire discussion, allegiance, provoke thought and get everyone talking.

Content improves SEO

Good, compelling content can boosts Search Engine Optimization and help your business to be on the top of search engine results.

Content adds value
There is a new rule in business promotion, whatever business you are, you now need to also be a regular content publisher to be competitive. People expect your business, your website and your spoke persons to deliver acuity and entertainment. People will only go to your website and social media page if they get something worthwhile back from the experience. Using videos, posting interesting pictures, delivering helpful guides will make your website worth returning to as a routine.

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