Monday, 29 May 2017

Content trends in Social Media Marketing

Marketing trends change every minute and it is very important to be in-sync with these changes to survive in the turbulent and highly competitive market. This article intends to spotlight the trends which could be wielded as marketing tools in 2017.
There used to be time when businesses’ preferred writing or posting pictures to uploading video to communicate marketing and promotional messages. The reason for this is videos consume more data and might take time to load; therefore people might not take interest in videos. But this has changed, Thanks to fast and cheap internet, now people enjoy videos the more than any other multimedia on the web. The video based content is rich and engaging and presently has the greatest amount of attention from internet users. In Facebook and other social networking sites videos autoplay on the page and when people scroll down their newsfeed, they will stop for a few seconds to check if the video is interesting and clickworthy. If the video can hook the audience in those few seconds, it is assured to get many views and good reach. Recently Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has foretold that by 2019; 80% content of the Facebook will be in video format. Facebook gets an average video view of 8 billion a day and Snapchat records 10 billion view every day. 360 Live Streaming is the latest feature enabled by social media sites; even Facebook has joined the movement by launching ‘Facebook live’. Popularity of Live video is increasing day by day and many brands are using live streaming feature available in social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The biggest advantage of streaming live is to keep the followers engaged with the brand by taking an event directly to the users’ screens.

The social network
Advertising in Facebook is expected to be the biggest marketing trend of 2017, as far as the internet marketing goes, Facebook is currently the undisputed king of advertising. The power, reach, incredible user base and most effective targeting feature makes the platform superior to all other websites. Advertising in Facebook is the most cost-effective and underpriced advertising available in any media platform. Instagram, the photo sharing site is equally preferred by advertisers. If your target audience is within the age group of 13-25, Instagram is the ideal platform to address young audience. Instagram also has introduced live streaming feature in US, this update is going to hit other markets soon. Whichever platform you plan to choose, make sure that you leverage the power of live videos. Snapchat is not far behind in reach and user base, it is currently number one social media platform in Australia and US for teenage and early 20s audience with over 150 million daily users.

Social media E-commerce
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest allow users to shop directly from the site. According to a recent survey, 56% of social media users said that they followed brands to get updates about new products, sales and to make purchase directly. Brands should take these shopping habits seriously and design their pages and other promotional activities interesting in these sites so that people ‘like’ you and ‘follow you.
Familiarizing with these social media trends could bring great results to any business. Apart from that always anticipate abrupt changes in online trends and practices; make your social media marketing strategy flexible to accommodate such immediate changes.

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